The charming community offers a quite southern lifestyle with an abundance of recreational amenities.

Lakes – Over 50 acres of lakes, at completion, will provide beautiful views and peaceful retreats for all of Lakes of Savannah’s residents. Lakes of Savannah currently offers residents five completed lakes.

Swimming Pool – Lakes of Savannah’s swimming pool area is like a waterpark! This competition-size swimming pool provides swimming lanes, a splash-and-play area with a water spout for younger children and a slide and separate swimming area for older children. A children’s play park is also adjacent. A second swimming pool is proposed in future development.

New Park and Splash Pad – Lakes of Savannah residents also enjoy a newly opened park and splash pad. The 1.4-acre park overlooks one of the community’s lakes and features seating areas and scenic views.

Clubhouse – A charming clubhouse is made available for use by Lakes of Savannah residents. This clubhouse offers an outdoor covered recreation area, restrooms, a kitchen and meeting room. The clubhouse grounds are lushly landscaped, providing a resort-style atmosphere. The clubhouse is adjacent to the swimming pool, making it the perfect setting for birthday parties and social events!

Parks – A centrally located park offers children’s play equipment. Smaller pocket parks are located within each village offering a variety of activities including a half-court basketball court, a soccer field, park benches, swings, and more. A seventeen acre City Park is proposed in future development.

Walking Trails – Ribbons of trails wind throughout Lakes of Savannah, providing a safe area for walking, rollerblading, jogging and biking. Par course exercise stations are located along some portions of the trails.

Green Areas – Lakes of Savannah offers all of the charm and beauty of the south, with it’s lushly landscaped green areas, vine covered arbors and park benches. Small pocket parks are sprinkled throughout the community providing a serene retreat from daily life.

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